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Why is my vaporesso blinking red 5 times

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Why is my vaporesso blinking red 5 times

When I screw it in, the light turns red and I let it sit for a day and when I come back and the light is green, I take it off and try to use it and it won't even turn on. I hit the button 5 times and 6 times in a row fast and nothing is happening but when I plug it into the charger, the light on my battery lights up and everything.

My 6AL was working great. when I turned on the ignition the red light was on and steady. Car ran perfectly for about 50 miles. I am using a Pertronix distributor. Now the red light blinks 5 times and goes out. No spark. The box bench tests by tapping the white wire to ground, I do get a spark but still nothing at the plugs. replaced the ignitor module and its still the same.

Jan 28, 2015 · by P3R » Wed Jan 28, 2015 4:41 pm. It's actually the System status button flashing red and according to the documentation (you haven't revealed what version of firmware you're running but in this case it doesn't matter so I just looked at the latest). It is a warning that should really be taken seriously and it means: " The NAS is in degraded ...