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What to plant with calla lilies

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What to plant with calla lilies

Gently lift the plant without injuring the roots. Place the lily plant in a new, large pot (6 inches in diameter) and refill it with fertile potting medium. Water it properly. With calla lily plants, you will no longer worry about growing and caring for them indoors. Adopt the above mentioned simple instructions for potted calla lily care, and ...

Calla lily bulbs multiply underground, so digging up calla lilies is a way to keep them productive and establish new plants. Gardening Know How says the best time to dig up calla lilies is right after the frost has killed the foliage. Calla lilies are hardy in USDA plant hardiness zones 8 through 10. In cooler zones, the rhizomes must be treated as annuals or dug up in the fall and stored over the winter in a frost-free area. When planted in water, the rhizomes can remain outdoors as long as the water doesn't freeze at the planting depth.Calla lilies have similar growth requirements as irises; they are excellent plants for poorly drained areas that tend to stay wet. Calla lilies are susceptible to drought and require adequate moisture during their growing season. Fall is the best time to plant dormant tubers, but tubers may be hard to find at that time of year.Plant the calla rhizomes at least 4 inches deep and about 12 inches apart to give the roots room to establish. Keep things moist: Once the rhizomes are in the ground or in a planter's pot, they should be covered in soil, watered extensively, then covered in mulch to keep the moisture locked into the soil.

Calla lilies can be grown as a perennial in warm climates, or as an annual in cold climates. The plants look great paired with other flowers in the garden, grown in a cutting garden for indoor use or grown in containers. When, Where and How to Plant Grow calla lily bulbs or plants in spring on well-drained soil.The best time to grow calla lilies would be to throw them in spring, keep them in a fuss-free place until mid to late May. Besides being grown in the ground this plant makes a great low-maintenance container flower. Now, the calla lily bulbs should be planted to deport inches deep about 6 inches wide.