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Tbilisi, georgia travel blog

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Tbilisi, georgia travel blog

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Secondly: yes, Georgia is one of the safest countries you'll ever travel to. Petty crime is nearly unheard of, murders, tourist kidnappings, as cited by Come Back Alive, are absolute nonsense. Police corruption is gone, unlike other countries in the region, and our friends in uniform are quite well trained.In Georgia, the population density is 64 people per square kilometer (166 per square mile). Because of this statistic, this country is considered to be sparsely populated. The total population of Georgia is 3,907,131 people. Georgia has approximately 189,893 foreign immigrants.

Long Weekend: Tbilisi. On the cusp of Europe and Asia, Tbilisi offers a fascinating glimpse into a rapidly changing post-Soviet city, with echoes of a grand past. Stuart Wadsworth takes a midnight flight to Georgia…. Flying in the first thing you see is the TV mast: a huge, flashing monument which President Sakashvili has, for reasons best ...