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Sccm notification customize

The meaning of return codes for Package and Program deployments is defined in the SCCM site control file. Codes are assigned into three categories: Success. Success and Reboot Required. Failure and Retry Required. In this post we will be using the codes 0 (success) and 3010 (reboot required) as examples.

Using the newly acquired XML knowledge, I now knew what I needed to modify. I used .NET XML functions to add my text to the notification bindings, and I was on my way, right after serializing the XML into a ToastNotification instance. All that was left was using CreateToastNotifier to create the notification manager instance, and show the ...However, I have found that a well-designed and persistent notification can be extremely effective. The Solution. I'm going to show you how to build a custom notification that uses the native Windows 10 toast notifications API. The notification will have these properties: Persistent: Users must manually dismiss the notification to ensure that ...Your Configuration Manager administrative user needs the Notify resource permission. The following built-in roles have this permission by default: Full Administrator. Infrastructure Administrator. Add this permission to any custom roles that need to use client notification actions.The Replication of data between sites in SCCM is happening due to the Data Replication Service (DRS).It is a new feature added in configuration Manager 2012 found along with the legacy File based replication. This replication model is also called as SQL based replication, as multiple SQL features are used.

In your SCCM Console, go to Monitoring > Subscriptions, and click Configure Email Notification in the ribbon. Check the box to Enable email notification for alerts. Enter your MX endpoint (you can look it up on your DNS server if you don't know it). You do not need to configure an SMTP server connection account as anonymous access works here.There is a new feature introduced in Intune that we can send custom notification messages to the registered users having iOS and Android devices and it's not supported Configure Device Compliance Policy for Min OS version via Intune