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Sangin overlord airborne

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Sangin overlord airborne

Overlord 2016, Abingdon. Following a couple of very pleasant visits to the Abingdon Wargames Club recently, there was a very kind offer to make a table available for an Honours of War display at the forthcoming club show, Overlord 2016. So it was my privilege and pleasure to turn up last Sunday at the venue in Abingdon (a local senior school ...The amphibious capability came from adding a boat hull and a propeller to the standard truck then in service. The DUKW was used to haul troops and cargo through water, to the beach, and then inland. The DUKW first rolled off the assembly line in June, 1942, just as the United States Navy won the Battle of Midway.

The mission to sneak in and assassinate the General/steal the nuke is enough to make a very good Black Ops/Skirmish Sangin game. Furthermore, what makes it loads of fun is the castle, the amount of 15mm or 28mm castles out there to be used for a game like this are plenty, and it does give the game a whole "James Bond assaulting the evil overlord's lair" sort of feel.

Battlegroup Overlord - Battle Report. Elliot and I decided to play 500 point meeting engagement with Battlegroup Overlord. I chose Panzergrenadiers and Elliot took British Airborne. The army lists are below. In order to give the game a more Normandy feel we pushed the table size down to 4ft by 4ft. Combining this with as many hedgerows as we ...