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Quackity x reader cooking

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Quackity x reader cooking

You finished cooking quickly, Alex's stories making the time fly by. You sat together at your kitchen island, Alex holding your hand under the table. ... x reader georgenotfound karl jacobs x reader karl jacobs nihachu x reader nihachu purpled x reader purpled quackity x reader quackity sapnap x reader sapnap tommyinnit x reader tommyinnit ...Don't hang up, irl!Quackity x Reader. Request: can i request? accidentally facetiming quackity midstream, and he picks up and shows you to chat and whatnot- he then starts being like nOoOo dont hang up Notes: pls didnt he do the same thing to george LMAOO i also fucking hate the twitter trending descriptions, they'r so hard to think of for some reason but they're fun to do KSHSJ (divider ...

Instantly giving you pecks all over your face. When he sat down, he pulled you onto his lap so you wouldn't be awkwardly standing there. You and Alex read the chat and the dono's. Alex ' hands rubbed along your thighs in a reassuring way. His chin rested on your shoulder as he sometimes lifted it to kiss it.#quackity #quackity x reader #quackityhq #quackityhq headcanons #dream smp #dream smp x reader #quackity imagine #quackity headcanon #alex quackity #alex quackity x y/n … See all. 269 notes. Posted by . #quackityhq headcanons.Tommyinnit x reader jealous. Skip to main content Tommyinnit x reader jealous ... Niki and Wilbur found you in a desert where you were armorless and had practically nothing. They offered to make you home. You accepted. The journey was uncomfortable to say at least. Even though Niki and Wilbur made their best affords to make you feel welcomed and safe. When you first saw L’manberg walls you fell in love with the nation.

Jul 31, 2021 · A Kiss is a Quick Fix (Yandere!Karnapity x M!Reader) Bluejay. Quackity was dating someone new. That boy was Y/N, and he loved him very much. Almost too much. So what happens when Karl and Sapnap try to talk to him about fixing things when they also fall for Y/N?