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Powershell dsc github

With the help of PowerShell DSC, you can automate the creation of an Active Directory domain. This includes promoting a member server to a domain controller and creating users, groups, and containers. This can be particularly helpful when you want to set up a test domain quickly.Welcome to PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC), the new configuration management platform from Microsoft.We begin with a quote from Alice in Wonderland.Besides pertinent advice from the author, it is apropos of what DSC is at its very core. DSC, by the very simplest definition, allows you to write down the beginning, the middle, and the end of your deployment story.

Citrix Workspace Environment Management Powershell DSC module. The CitrixWemDsc module contains DSC resources for deployment and configuration of Citrix Workspace Environment Management (ex Norskcale VUEM).. Branches master. This is the branch containing the latest release - no contributions should be made directly to this branch.The `SqlPermission` DSC resource sets server permissions for a user (login). >**Note:** Currently the resource only supports ConnectSql, AlterAnyAvailabilityGroup, >AlterAnyEndPoint and ViewServerState. ## Requirements * Target machine must be running Windows Server 2012 or later.

Applies To: Windows PowerShell 4.0, Windows PowerShell 5.0 This exercise walks through creating and applying a Desired State Configuration (DSC) configuration from start to finish. The example we'll use ensures that a server has the Web-Server (IIS) feature enabled, and that the content for a simple "Hello World" website is present in the ...