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Otto sanhuber book

Due to an audio glitch on February 9th, this webinar has been rescheduled to February 16, 2021 at 7 pm. Please join me for one of the wackiest, and most deranged, love stories in L.A.'s history.

In 1913, 33-year-old Dolly allegedly seduced a 17-year-old repairman named Otto Sanhuber, and the two began a lengthy affair. Their hookups started out in hotel rooms but quickly moved closer to ...Marvin Gabrion Sources: Photo Credits: Marvin- Rachel and Shannon- John- Robert- Marvin- Wayne- The Tube Sock Killings Sources: Photo Credits: Steven and Ruth- Diana, Mike and Crystal- Mike and Dia…

(Original Caption) Oesterreich Murder Case. Los Angeles, California: Otto Sanhuber showing the officials the door leading from Oesterreich garret to trunk room through which he often passed. Defense attorneys Rogers and Wakeman, Deputy Sheriff Dennison, prosecutor Costello and Judge Hardy watch the proceedings.