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Msd tach adapter wiring

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Msd tach adapter wiring

WOW - after all this time thinking an MSD Distributor in an AMC. REQUIRES the use of the MSD 8920 Tach Adapter to make the STOCK. 2-Wire Current Triggered Tachometer Work - that IS NOT ALWAYS TRU E !!! On an AMC, if using BOTH an MSD 8523 Ready-To-Run Distributor AND an MSD 6 Box, THEN the MSD Tach Adapter is -NOT- needed to make the stock AMC ...

The Tach Output wire produces a 12 volt square wave signal with a 22.5° duty cycle. Some vehicles with factory tachometers may require a Tach Adapter to operate with the MSD. For more information on Tachometers and MSD Tach Adapters, see the Tachometer Section on page 6.Each Adapter is simple to wire in and will have your MSD and vehicle firing away in no time! If you are triggering an MSD Blaster, 5, 6, SCI, or 7 Series Ignition with its white wire or points terminal, you will need the PN 8910 Tach Adapter. The PN 8910 will correct the operation of most voltage-triggered tachometers or fuel injection systems ...MSD Tach Adapter. Keep your ECU and ignition in sync. When you install an MSD ignition, the factory ECU may not be able to distinguish when the coil fires. This is the signal that is also responsible for firing the injectors (or the tachometer), which may cause a no-run situation. These dual channel ignition adapters simulate the original coil ...

Reaction score. 223. Depending on when your MSD was manufactured, you may need to get their adapter thingie for an older analog tach. If I remember, it creates a signal much like a coil would and is basically just a big electric choke. Jun 8, 2017. #9.I saw on the PDF instruction manual that a tach adaptor is needed for the Autogage tach when using the 6AL. I have other people telling me otherwise, and that a tach adaptor is only needed when using 6AL in conjunction with an OEM tach. It seems to me that I can connect the Autogage tach wire to the coil and it will work fine. I also have an MSD blaster coil.