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Jirou fluff

Fluff ~Denki and Jirou x singer reader~ Fluff ~Shinsou x neko reader~ 2. Yandere ~Tamaki x reader~ 2. Fluff ~Dabi and Hawks x shy reader~ Fluff ~ Shoji x neko reader~ Fluff ~Kirishima x best friend reader~ 3. Yandere ~Shoto, Bakugou and Izuku x reader~ 3 part 2. Author's note.Denki x Jirou (fluff!) Jirou was sitting on a bench not far from the dorms. The bench was her 'spot' to relax and listen to music while studying, if the dorms were too loud like today. The outdoors blessed her with light winds that sent light shivers down her spine. As she doodled on her notebook she heard a faint voice behind her yell her name. "Yo Jirou!"

Mar 05, 2021 · Time. Time 3h 9m. 3 hours, 9 minutes 3h 9m. CannedCoochie69. Ongoing. Ongoing, First published Apr 14, 2019. First published Apr 14, 2019. g a y r i g h t s -. Mar 23, 2020 · jirou x fem reader ~requested~. yes finally the bell you thought as you got your stuff and started to leave. "hey y/n wait up" you heard someone call. turning around you saw that it was jirou " oh hey jirou-sama whats up" you said internally blushing " can you um... come to my dorm room later" jirou asked. " ya sure what time" you said blushing ...

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