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Is it illegal to sell human ashes

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Is it illegal to sell human ashes

Few state laws provide any oversight whatsoever, and almost anyone, regardless of expertise, can dissect and sell human body parts. Is it illegal to own human body parts? In the United States, no federal law prevents owning, buying, or selling human remains, unless the remains are Native American.

The practice is illegal just about everywhere in the world. But demand for kidneys outstrips the supply, with 4,540 people dying in the U.S. last year while waiting for a kidney, according to the ...The laws on who can legally buy and sell human remains are fairly complex, so the rule of thumb to go by is this - buying, selling, or owning human remains is illegal That's pretty easy. "Why is it illegal?" I'm often asked. Well, because the sources of human remains are, at some point, living humans.A few Google searches reveal a surprising trade in human remains online. Ebay's "Human Remains and Body Parts Policy" prohibits the sale of Native American grave-related items and "humans, the human body, or any human body parts" but expressly permits "clean, articulated (jointed), non-Native American skulls and skeletons used for medical research."." To comply with the policy, the seller must ...Don't know. In the UK the trades description act could prosecute them for BS- I doubt they're actually human bones and am 100% certain that crushed up bones can't kill. Unless they're in a 50kg sack full of bones which hits you after being thrown ...Is it illegal to sell human ashes to another person My father is deceased. He... Asked 9/28/05, 11:42 am in United States California Probate, Trusts, Wills & Estates

Burial vaults are not required by law in most states--Massachusetts and Louisiana are the exceptions. [This is to the best of my knowledge and I could use help/feedback on the specific laws in these states.] While no laws require burial vaults, there is a general public perception that they are required.