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G2plot react

I am using G2Plot by Ant Design with React, and the JS charts cannot be correctly rendered in the latest beta.. The issue can be reproduced on macOS, iPadOS, and iOS. The issue cannot be reproduced on other browsers on macOS (all browsers use Safari WebKit on iOS) or Safari 14.

基于 G2Plot 实现的 React 可视化图表库 AVA VA 代表可视分析(Visual Analytics),而第一个 A 具有多重涵义:其目标是成为一个自动化(Automated)、智能驱动(AI driven)、支持增强分析(Augmented)的可视分析解决方案。react component react-g2plot antv g2plot echarts visualization react-component. 0.3.2 • Published 12 months ago. 1 2 21 22 ...

lxfu1/G2Plot. 1. lxfu1/G2Plot ⚡ :dango: An interactive and responsive charting library 0. 1. TypeScript. ... JavaScript. lxfu1/dumi. 0. lxfu1/dumi ⚡ Documentation generator for React component 0. 0. TypeScript. lxfu1/threeMap. 0. lxfu1/threeMap 0. 0. JavaScript. Activity; Sep 29 17 hours ago push lxfu1 push ant-design/ant-design-charts ...