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Examples of positive punishment in the classroom

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Examples of positive punishment in the classroom

To put in simpler terms, any punishment which means addition of a consequence is called positive punishment. Examples. Consider a scenario where a student receives a phone call in the classroom, and he picks up the call and starts talking in front of the whole class, causing the lecture to abrupt.

Google Classroom Facebook Twitter. Email ... punishment there are two types positive and negative so we're going to go over each one of these in the context of an example and we're going to use a goal behavior or target behavior to help solidify this example so I want to say the goal behavior for this is safe driving safe driving so we see ...

For example, spanking a child when he throws a tantrum is an example of positive punishment. Something is added to the mix (spanking) to discourage a bad behavior (throwing a tantrum). On the other hand, removing restrictions from a child when she follows the rules is an example of negative reinforcement.