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Diy concrete countertop mix

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Diy concrete countertop mix

Here is the story of our concrete counters. We built our concrete countertop forms and we were ready to rock the counters! We bought all our materials and got ready for concrete pouring when Quikrete reached out to us and offered to provide their countertop mix for us to try.

Concrete used for countertops are hand mixed and usually use either a grey or white cement. White will lighten the stain colors. Grey will results in colors normally achieved on the floors. However, since the concrete mix in countertops is different from a concrete truck, it's best to make a sample piece or two for color testing when possible.Pouring concrete in the form for a concrete countertop. Concrete countertops can be used in kitchens or outdoors as tops for tables and picnic tables. When constructing a concrete countertop, be sure to use concrete mix that made for countertops, such as Quikrete Countertop Mix. The best defense mechanism against a dirty countertop is to seal it completely. Think of it this way: unsealed countertops encourage stains, and sealed countertops shoo them away. If you purchased a countertop, chances are the company you hired to install the countertop used a concrete sealer to keep the counter stable.

1. Go Shopping for DIY Poured Concrete Countertop Supplies. A few of the important items on our DIY poured concrete countertops shopping list were…. Melamine board. Foam board for knockouts, like this. Silicone caulk. Concrete mix — for the master and guest bathrooms, we used this concrete countertop mix from Menards.Now the DIY concrete countertops will dry overnight and they will be ready for the sealer! More on the sealer in the next post (completion photos posted here as well). Most of all, I love the industrial look the DIY Concrete Countertops add to the kitchen and especially the variation and imperfections in the surface (of course!).