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Cruisair reversing valve

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Cruisair reversing valve

I totally agree that this is a poor design, but this is Cruisair's design. Also, this unit has never been run as a heat pump and the reversing valve has never been exercised. Further, it probably never will be used as a heat pump, because the cabin has a very adequate diesel heater and the owner said he would never use the heat pump.

Steve, I have a 1989 16000 btu cruisair reverse cycle remote unit in the aft stateroom that puts out a 16 degree in/out differance on a 95 degree day. I am happy but,..this summer when I first turned on the cooling I heard the reversing valve solonoid chattering and when tapping it did not work I disconnected it.

on Cruisair the rev valve is the blue wire, BUT marine air has a different code. Locate the rev valve, there are 2 wires that come off of the valve one is neutral and one is hot. Without power applied the valve is in the cool mode when power is applied it should click and then it is in heat mode. Be paitent and work it .