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Bored pile foundation

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Bored pile foundation

Introduction Bored piles are a very popular and cost effective type of foundation. The major objective of this project was to evaluate the ability of small strain dynamic testing methods to detect construction defects in bored piles, and to determine pile length.

Bored piles are cylindrical foundation elements made of concrete (with or without reinforcement), which are installed in the ground by a variety of methods. They transmit high structural loads into lower, load-bearing soils. In this background, if look at the available options; we have to select the type of foundation from bored piles, precast piles, and micro piles. Out of those, bored piles are more costly in general when compared with the other two types. Depending on the nature and the type of loads from the superstructure, the selection of the piling type is made.Calculation Of Bored Pile Construction / Excavation Time. Piling times can be reduced by the use of service cranes for reinforcement and concreting activities. An additional extended shift would often be required for certain piles, as would RCD down-time. Forecast construction times can be derived by using output rates (hours per item)...

The centerto centerdistance of successive piles is known as pile spacing. It has to be carefully designed by considering the following factors, 1) Types of piles 2) Material of piles 3) Length of piles 4) Grouping of piles 5) Load coming on piles 6) Obstruction during pile driving 7) Nature of soil through which piles are passing. The spacing ...Bored pile foundation or drilled shaft foundation is a commonly used foundation for supporting heavy vertical loads. It transfers the load to the soil below or rock strata with sufficient bearing capacity and reduces the settlement of the structure. The construction of the bored pile is divided into two phases: the drilling phase and the construction phase.