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Bnha x reader platonic

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Bnha x reader platonic

Pure Adoration {BNHA x reader oneshots} ... Platonic!bakusquad x fem!reader. You bounced in place as Sero rung the doorbell. Kaminari had his arm around your shoulder and was jumping with you. Nobody could contain their excitement. Who could blame them? It was the first Bakusquad sleepover in a long time.Since reader is older than a high school student. I could definitely do platonic because I believe a teacher and student can hav ea friendship, definitely! I definitely would be more comfortable doing a college!student version… like maybe an AU where UA is actually a college instead of highschool? It's just makes more sense if the student ...

See a recent post on Tumblr from @karumashadowchicken about bnha/mha x reader. Discover more posts about bnha/mha x reader. First published Mar 09, 2020. [PLATONIC] Y/n, the daughter of Aizawa, ends up following her dad to his job and gets to meet all the 1-A students and some other students. She befriends many of them and explores all their different personalities.

Posted by: In: Uncategorized In: Uncategorized 6 hours ago · Bakugou X Reader Abusive Ex. 's Class 1-A and the deuteragonist of My Hero Academia. Pen Pal Part 8 Bakugou x reader, text au Where Mitsuki's last attempt at changing her son, Katsuki's attitude is by signing him up for a pen pal.13 hours ago · Bnha x reader baby quirk. 3 Summary: You live in a world where not only do “quirks” exist, but also soulmates. One that’s on my tumblr drafts only that I need to move to my google docs to work on is a schizophrenic reader x Kirishima akhdjsjd Aug 04, 2019 · At which point Izuku and his S/O both immediately started rambling about all the ...