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Alias capias issued

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Alias capias issued

Alias Warrant - this is issued when a subject fails to appear in court for a scheduled court date before any plea has been entered, or if a subject fails to respond to a citation or by mail. Failure to appear is an added charge. ... Civil Capias Warrant - this is a special kind of apprehension order, issued in civil court cases where the ...alias: adjective: otherwise called; n. assumed name. alible: adjective: nourishing. alicyclic: adjective: denoting organic compounds that are both aliphatic and cyclic, i.e. aliphatic in chemical behaviour but having their carbon atoms in a ring. alidade: noun: instrument used in surveying & navigation. alienism: noun

An alias capias is a second court-ordered warrant, issued when the first one wasn't handled. The first one was tossed aside by Judge Laurie White, ...In previous blogs, we identified what a warrant is and introduced the two types of Municipal Court Warrants: Alias and Capias. This week we will break down more information about the Alias Warrant. If after you read this, you would like more information about your particular case, please contact us for a free consultation at 214-321-4105, or by ...

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